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Maximum holiday rental income, minimal effort

When it comes to short-term holiday rentals, revenue management is the proven way to improve and optimise income.

With Bachcare, you benefit from the expertise of our revenue team who use data-driven pricing, and market insights from our database of over 2,000 holiday homes, to set your base rental rate then regularly analyse and adjust pricing according to demand.

How does Revenue Management work?

Bachcare - Setting a base price

Step 1

Set a base price

Using our database of over 2,000 homes around the country, we find the optimal base price for your property taking into consideration the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, range of amenities, and location.

Bachcare - Analyse market trends

Step 2


Our team looks at internal data reviewing current availability in your local area and what dates people are booking for. Alongside this, we also take into consideration local events and seasonality that may impact your property's demand.

Bachcare - Adjust the rates

Step 3


Based on our analysis, if your property's location is in high demand, we can adjust the rate above the base price. Alternatively, if data shows your property’s marketplace is currently seeing lower demand we can adjust the price down to incentivise potential guests to make a booking.

How can Bachcare help with revenue managing your holiday rental?

Bachcare - Help with revenue managing your holiday rental

Bachcare is the only property rental platform in New Zealand that has a dedicated revenue management team. The team closely monitors demand across our 2,000+ home property portfolio and optimises pricing to maximise the booking potential of your holiday home.

Our Super Income Max pricing plan gives our revenue management team the flexibility to optimise rates, Our data shows that on average, revenue-managed properties on Super Income Max see a 16% increase in bookings per property. This results in a 8% increase in revenue when compared to a Fixed Price plan properties which don't adjust to account for seasonality nor demand. 

On average our baches are booked out 22 weekends a year or more!

Why should I use Bachcare’s revenue management solution?

Updating your nightly rate’s can be a tedious task. It's often forgotten or done too late resulting in missed potential revenue or limited bookings. 

Our revenue team consistently keeps an eye on our internal data, market trends, and seasonality. Using this information, we proactively shift the pricing levels of our holiday homes to maximise your revenue and occupancy.   

Bachcare also increases your market reach.  We list your property on our site plus over 20 partner sites such as Airbnb, Bookabach, &, opening up the potential for increased bookings!

Bachcare - Why should I care about revenue management

Why should I care about revenue management?

Setting the perfect nightly rate can have a big impact on your annual returns.

Set it too low and you could be missing out on potential revenue. Set it too high and you may find yourself with an empty home a lot of the time. Just like airplane seats or movie tickets, nights in a short-term holiday let that pass without occupancy is a missed potential revenue opportunity you won’t be able to get back!

Pricing your holiday home correctly is a tricky balancing act. Doing it just right can be the difference between it sitting empty and having a fully booked-out calendar.

So what are you waiting for? Give your property an edge

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