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Get More Airbnb Bookings from Your Listings: Airbnb Listing Tips

April 30, 2021
Guest Writer

Your holiday rental home holds incredible potential, but tapping into that potential is often easier said than done. These Airbnb listing tips can help you to accomplish this essential goal.

Your holiday rental home holds incredible potential, but tapping into that potential is often easier said than done. Your property is competing against many others, and getting it the attention that it deserves from tourists and business travelers requires you to present your property in the most attractive light.

Your listing will get ample exposure on a platform like Airbnb, but it will be listed along with many other properties. Your listing needs to stand out and grab the traveler’s attention. These Airbnb listing tips can help you to accomplish this essential goal.

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Choose the Perfect Airbnb Cover Photo

On a platform like Airbnb and other short-term rental sites, users will browse through a list of properties. Each listing may have a photo and a modest description or title.

These are the two key factors that must appeal to your target audience if you want them to seriously consider staying at your holiday home. Identify the most appealing amenity or feature of your property, and find a way to capture that feature in a compelling photo.

Because your cover photo will be listed alongside many other cover photos, it makes sense to check out the competition. Ideally, your cover photo will be more eye-catching than the others, and it should highlight a feature that is important to the type of traveler who you are targeting.

Bachcare have a range of photography tips for holiday homes to make your photos stand out above your competitors and help attract more guests.

Craft Meaningful Airbnb Listing Titles

Your listing title must be short and to the point, so it needs to be as engaging as possible. You may be inclined to write something relatively generic, such as “Cute Cottage” or “Cozy Home,” but these titles do not say anything unique about your holiday rental home.

What sets it apart as a better option than others in the local area? Finding an amazing way to describe your property’s individuality in an appealing and condensed manner is not always easy.

If necessary, outsource this and other aspects of the property description to a skilled writer with relevant experience.

Create an Amazing Visual Experience Online With Your Listing

When you select an amazing cover photo and prepare a stunning property title, your full listing may be viewed more frequently.

This is essential for optimising your property’s occupancy rate and income potential. However, your detailed listing page must be equally as engaging. Travelers want to know exactly what they can expect if they stay at your holiday rental home, so your photos should take them on a tour throughout the property.

All of the photos should be quality images with excellent lighting and thoughtful vantage points. Include photos of all bedrooms as well as the bathrooms, kitchen, living areas, patio, exterior, yard, and views.

This may also mean some basic maintenance to the property such as painting the property, or re-furnishing - even just adding some new decorations or pictures to brighten up the property in the photos.

If you are selling your holiday rental home’s convenient proximity to top attractions, you may even add a map image and an image of the attraction to highlight this key feature.

Focus on Your Airbnb Property Description

Travelers love to look at pictures of holiday homes, so your listing's photos may receive initial attention from those who land on your listing page.

If the photos continue to hold the user’s attention, the user may spend time reading the property description. Your description should be well-written and engaging. At the same time, it should be easy to skim through. For example, create separate headers for the property location, the kitchen, the bedroom and other key features.

Go into detail about its top amenities, and describe how those amenities will positively affect the individual's travel experience. In many cases, a holiday rental home will have a specific target audience. This may be large families on vacation, couples on a romantic retreat, business travelers or others.

All aspects of your listing should be created to appeal to that audience.

Pay Attention to Frequently Asked Questions on Your Airbnb Listing

Do you often receive the same question from potential renters? This is a sign that your listing may not be as complete as it should be.

These travelers may all be looking for a property with the same feature that you are not properly advertising, and this means that you may be missing out on the opportunity to highlight a selling point.

On the other hand, if your property does not have that key feature, consider how you can either add it or show off some of the alternative amenities that your guests can enjoy instead.

Explain the House Rules For Your Property

When planning a holiday, travelers may want to know things like a property’s policies on pets, for example. Your home may also have special rules related to maximum occupancy, the number of cars allowed on the property, and even the specific uses for some of the property’s amenities.

Explain some of the most relevant rules that may impact a traveler’s decision about staying on the property. Be friendly, and make yourself available for questions. You can create a link to your full house rules, or you can ask them to request the rules from you directly.

Polish Your Airbnb Host Profile

Your Airbnb host profile may receive ample attention from travelers as part of their decision-making process. Include a photo of yourself.

After all, people like to see who they are communicating with. Add details about your experience and why you are a property host.

While you can and should talk about your passion for customer service or being available to your renters throughout their trip, you should be careful not to make promises that you cannot consistently deliver.

Take Advantage of Tools and Resources

Airbnb is only one of several short-term rental sites that travelers heavily use. These Airbnb listing tips can be applied to your listing on, Homeaway and

By adding an amazing listing for your property on all of these sites, you can optimise the visibility of your listing. You can also use professional photography and writing services to ensure that your listing is polished and appealing.

At Bachcare, we understand how challenging it can be to keep up with all of the day-to-day management activities for your holiday home.

Our dedicated and experienced team is ready to do all of the hard work for. We focus on everything from creating listings and managing your rates, to providing friendly, responsive attention to renters.

To learn more about how our Airbnb property management services can benefit you, contact Bachcare today. 

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