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Make the Most of Your Holiday Rental During Big Events

June 29, 2020
Tara Toman

With events cropping up all over the country once again, attendees need places to stay! This is your opportunity to give guests a unique holiday home stay, and earn premium rental income at the same time. In this blog post we cover the actions you should take, as a holiday homeowner, to ensure you don’t miss out on all the fun!

With events cropping up all over the country once again, attendees need places to stay! It’s common for a town’s population to swell during such events to the point where accommodation may even sell out.

Staying in a holiday home is ideal for trips centred around events because people usually want their own space to relax, socialise, and cook their own food before participating in the main event. Here’s how you can make sure your holiday home doesn’t miss out on all the fun!

Find out the key events in your holiday home’s area

Attendees of every kind of event will need somewhere to stay. From concerts to races, conventions to festivals. There might be some in your region which you haven’t even heard of.

It’s a good idea to keep track of significant events near your holiday home so that you can be prepared in advance. Even if you’re not in the exact same location, guests may extend their stay to visit surrounding areas - so your home could still be on the list!

Bachcare can help you with this! With over 15 years of experience, and team members based across New Zealand we are always in the know about the latest gig to hit your town.

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Try to ensure your home is available for those dates

The next thing to consider is availability. You’ve gotta be in it, to win it (the win here being your home booked at a premium price due to a surge in demand).

Try to ensure you are not using the property on those dates - unless of course you want to attend as well! During events, as well as the obvious December holidays, owners tend to make the most rental income because their property becomes so in demand.

For example, Bachcare homes in the Whitianga area earned on average 290% more rental income than a normal weekend if they had full availability during the Whitianga Summer Concert earlier this year!

Price Your Holiday Home Correctly!

Pricing your holiday home correctly comes down to the basic economic principle of scarcity. When an event is announced in your holiday home’s region, demand for accommodation will spike. Supply is limited due to there being only a certain number of homes or hotel rooms. This suggests that price should rise.

Guests are willing to pay a premium because they’ve usually already purchased their tickets. Most large accommodation providers will either already be on top of this trend (if the event is held around the same dates each year) or have pricing tools ready to adjust prices based on the amount of bookings generated.

This is difficult to get right if you are personally looking after your short-term rental property!

At Bachcare, our industry-leading pricing tool is able to dynamically suggest updates to price based on the demand it sees in the area. We also have a huge amount of data from previous events to be able to price your property appropriately.

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Should I do anything different to prepare my home?

This is completely down to personal preference. The guests probably have most of the event information from the organisers themselves but if you have any handy tips, let your guests know!

Maybe there’s a secret parking spot, or additional public transport running on the day? This can form part of your welcome pack which you provide to guests.

If you want to read more about what to put in your welcome pack, read our blog about How To Get Your Home Guest-Ready.

If you are an owner with Bachcare, our locally-based Holiday Managers are around to answer any questions your guests may have, including those about events and things to do in the area!

Check out some reviews from happy guests who have used Bachcare as their base while attending an event around Aotearoa. Next time they could be staying at your place! Request your Bachcare Owner Guide today to start your journey.

“Thank you for a wonderful stay! It was the perfect location for us doing the Waiheke half marathon, visiting the vineyards and finishing the evening at Charley Farley's! A fantastic size for the 7 of us.” - Bachcare guest, The House of Plenty - Waiheke Holiday Home

“A fantastic stay at your house thank you. It was perfect for us being up there for the Whangamata Adventure Race. What a great location.” - Bachcare guest, Estuary View - Whangamata Holiday Home

“We stayed here for the Spring Challenge, the house was perfect for 3 couples, very warm, great location with amazing views of the freshly snow coated mountains. Would love to come back one day.” - Bachcare guest, Pisa Oasis - Cromwell Holiday Home

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